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We are experts at producing beautiful promotional surfboards with your logos and full color designs laminated under high gloss resin and have been doing so for globally recognized brands for over 15 years! 

Surfing has been long looked at and respected as a cool sport and lifestyle. Even though surfing itself is confined to coastal geography, the appreciation for the sport, lifestyle and demographic go inland all the way to Kansas! Whether for department store merchandising display use or restaurant and bar use, surfing and surfboards signify a lifestyle that most everyone appreciates and even aspires to regardless of their geographic location.

Of course getting a branded surfboard displayed stores, bars or restaurants is never a problem because most retailers and chains are happy to have a beautifully crafted fiberglass surfboard displayed at their location. Not to mention, there is always a secondary usage factor if someone chooses to use the surfboards and actually surf them at the end of a promotion period for continued brand exposure. 

Promotional surfboards with their high gloss and stunning beauty are immediately welcomed by restaurants and bars as signage decor and by stores for displays and merchandising. 

promotional surfboards

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